About Us

Haute Jets is a premier private jet charter founded by Haute Living, a renowned luxury lifestyle media company with over 18 years of experience in the media business. In the past, Haute Living has worked with leading partners in the aviation industry to provide private charters to our clients. We decided to launch our private jet charter services, Haute Jets, to ensure our clients receive the best service and experience from start to finish.

Our outstanding team of seasoned aviation experts, accomplished pilots, and attentive concierge professionals work tirelessly to provide our esteemed clients with an unparalleled VIP experience in private air travel. Whether our clients plan their trip in advance or make last-minute arrangements, our relationships with luxury jet owners and FBO gives our clients flexibility and accessibility.

When our clients indulge in luxurious travel with Haute Jets to special occasions such as Art Basel or the NFL Super Bowl, they unlock exclusive access to Haute Living’s coveted star-studded dinners and bespoke experiences. As a Haute Living brand, Haute Jets makes special occasions unforgettable with this exceptional opportunity.

From world-class catering to top-of-the-line jets, Haute Jets clients can rest assured that our team will deliver excellence and attention to detail unrivaled in the industry.

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