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Midsize Jets

In comparison to light jets, midsize offers a greater level of comfort and space. These jets provide additional room, enhanced baggage storage, and an extended range. The appeal of midsize jets largely stems from their ability to comfortably accommodate a larger group of passengers.

•   Cessna Citation XLS    •  Cessna Citation XLS+   •    Cessna Citation Excel    •   Cessna Citation Latitude  •   Learjet 60   •   Hawker 800XP     •   Hawker 900XP   •   Hawker 750   

•  Gulfstream G100

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Average Cabin Capacity

7-9 passengers, depending on the aircraft.
2 crew

Lavatory style

Enclosed lavatory or full lavatory, depending on the aircraft.

empty leg flight

Average Cargo Capacity

40 ft3 - 100 ft3 — about 6-12 medium cases, depending on the aircraft.

private jet rental cost per hour


1,800 - 3,280 nm

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