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Super Midsize Jets

These jets are renowned for their extensive range of capabilities and opulent amenities that are typically associated with larger jets but are available at a comparatively lower price point. They are highly coveted for their spacious cabin interiors, well-appointed galleys, and exceptional performance, making them a cost-effective option for long-range travel. 

•    Praetor 600    •   Sovereign+     •    X    •    Longitude    •    Citation X    •    Citation Sovereign    •    Citation Longitude    •    Falcon 50EX

empty leg private jet

Average Cabin Capacity

8-12 passengers, depending on the aircraft.
2-3 crew

Lavatory style

Enclosed lavatory or full lavatory, depending on the aircraft.

empty leg flight

Average Cargo Capacity

About 12-15 medium cases, depending on the aircraft.

private jet rental cost per hour


2,650 - 3,600 nm

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