The Benefits of Flying Private on Wyvern Rated Jets

WYVERN RATED JETS - a family going to flying in the private jet

As a busy executive, you know that time is your most precious commodity. Flying privately on Wyvern rated jets allows you to maximize productivity and minimize stress. With their stringent safety standards, experienced crews, and luxurious cabins, Wyvern operators ensure that your flight experience is safe, efficient, and comfortable.

A Wyvern rating means an operator has passed over 200 safety and quality checks, so you can rest assured knowing you’re flying with the best.

By choosing to fly private, you can travel on your schedule, avoid crowded airports, and arrive refreshed. With custom catering and amenities, you can conduct meetings in-flight or simply relax.

For the discerning traveler, flying privately on Wyvern jets is the ultimate way to make the most of your busy schedule.

What Does It Mean for a Private Jet to Be Wyvern Rated?

Wyvern is the industry leader for safety standards and due diligence processes for private aircraft. For a jet to be Wyvern rated means it has met their stringent certification requirements.

Wyvern thoroughly inspects each jet to ensure it meets standards for airworthiness, maintenance, and safety.

They review the jet’s specifications, operating history, maintenance records, and current condition. Only aircraft passing their evaluation receive the Wyvern Wingman certification.

Certified Operators

Wyvern also audits the companies operating the jets, including the pilots, crew, and mechanics. Operators must demonstrate proper licensing, training, experience, and safety procedures to earn the Wyvern Operator certification.

Wyvern requires drug and background screening for all personnel as well as regular proficiency checks and training.

Ongoing Monitoring

To maintain certification, Wyvern conducts regular audits and spot-checks of Wyvern rated aircraft and operators.

They monitor key metrics like flight hours, maintenance, incidents, and accidents to identify any issues promptly. Wyvern’s standards and oversight help provide assurance that a certified jet and crew meet the highest levels of safety and service.

Traveling on a Wyvern rated private jet gives passengers confidence in the quality and security of the aircraft and team.

The certification is considered the gold standard, so flying Wyvern Wingman means enjoying the luxury of private air travel with peace of mind.

The Advantages of Flying Private on Wyvern Certified Aircraft

There are numerous benefits to chartering a private jet that has earned Wyvern certification. Wyvern is considered the gold standard for aircraft safety, auditing and certifying private jets that meet the highest operational and safety standards.

Superior Safety

Wyvern certified aircraft and crew undergo a rigorous certification process to ensure they uphold the highest safety standards.

Wyvern evaluates each jet’s maintenance records, operator history, crew qualifications and training, and overall compliance with industry best practices. You can fly with confidence knowing the aircraft and crew have been thoroughly vetted.

Exceptional Quality

Wyvern rated operators maintain their aircraft and train their crew to the highest standards. You will enjoy a premium experience with knowledgeable staff, meticulously maintained cabins, and highly experienced pilots. No detail is overlooked.

Peace of Mind

Chartering a Wyvern certified jet provides reassurance that safety is the top priority. Stringent standards for maintenance, crew qualifications, and operational procedures give you peace of mind from booking to landing. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight knowing you are in capable hands.

An Elevated Experience

From departure to destination, expect an exceptional private jet experience when flying with a Wyvern rated operator.

Attentive staff, spacious cabins, premium amenities, and a smooth flight are standard.

Flying private is the ultimate luxury, and with a Wyvern certified jet it is elevated to an art form. For your next charter flight, accept nothing less than the gold standard – Wyvern Wingman certified.

How to Ensure You’re Flying With the Safest Wyvern Rated Operator

To ensure your safety and security when chartering a private jet, only fly with operators that have earned the Wyvern Wingman certification.

Wyvern is the industry leader in aviation safety auditing and their Wingman standard is recognized as the highest certification an operator can achieve.

Rigorous Standards

Operators must meet Wyvern’s stringent safety standards to earn Wingman certification. Wyvern analysts conduct an extensive audit of the operator’s procedures, training programs, and maintenance records to verify compliance with over 400 safety criteria.

Operators are re-evaluated every 6-18 months to ensure standards are maintained.

Top Talent

Wyvern-certified operators employ only highly experienced pilots, mechanics, and cabin crew. Pilots typically have at least 5,000 flight hours and maintain strict currency and proficiency requirements.

Aircraft maintenance personnel follow manufacturer guidelines and are overseen by Wyvern to guarantee airworthiness.

Commitment to Excellence

Wingman-certified operators demonstrate an unwavering commitment to safety and customer service.

They invest heavily in crew training, aircraft maintenance, and administrative best practices to provide an exceptional private aviation experience. You can fly confidently knowing you’ll arrive safely at your destination in comfort and style.

Booking travel with a trusted Wyvern-certified operator is the only way to ensure your safety, security and satisfaction when flying privately.

Their Wingman certification is your assurance of excellence in every aspect of your charter flight. For a list of Wingman-rated operators in your area, visit


Ultimately, flying private on Wyvern rated jets can provide you with an unmatched experience. With their stringent safety processes and highly trained crew, you can have confidence in your travels.

While the costs may seem high at first, the benefits of privacy, flexibility, and luxury cannot be overstated. Do your research, vet the operators thoroughly, and make the investments needed to give your journeys the comfort and assurance they deserve.

With the right planning and partners, private aviation on certified aircraft opens up a world of possibilities. Treat yourself to this unique privilege whenever your schedule allows. The memories made will be well worth it.

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