5 Reasons to Choose the Versatile King Air for Your Next Charter Flight

King Air 350 aircraft

You’ve likely flown on commercial jets or in coach on larger airliners, but have you experienced the luxury and convenience of a private charter flight? For your next business trip or personal getaway, consider booking the versatile Beechcraft King Air 300 series aircraft.

With powerful turboprop engines, an upgraded stretched fuselage, and a quiet interior cabin, the King Air 300 delivers an unparalleled flight experience. The aircraft’s heavy 12,500-pound maximum takeoff weight also means you can fly farther with more passengers and baggage.

Whether traveling to meet clients or taking a weekend trip with friends, the King Air 300 offers luxury, comfort, and capability that exceeds expectations. This iconic Beechcraft plane sets the standard for private charter and stands ready to make your next flight memorable.

King Air 200 Performance Overview

The King Air 200 series delivers exceptional performance capabilities. With its powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop engines, this aircraft provides impressive speed and range for its class.

Cruise Speed

With a maximum cruise speed of 312 knots (578 km/h), the King Air 200 can swiftly transport you to your destination. Its high-speed cruise ability makes short work of long distances.


This aircraft boasts an impressive range of 1,389 nautical miles (2,574 km). You can easily fly non-stop between major cities or across vast regions. The generous range provides ultimate flexibility for your travel needs.

Runway Performance

The King Air 200’s short runway capabilities give you access to smaller airfields. It requires only 3,300 feet (1,005 m) of runway to take off at its maximum weight. This versatility expands your potential travel options.

Cabin Amenities

While performance is key, the King Air 200’s cabin also delivers an exceptional experience. Designed for comfort, it provides a spacious interior with generous headroom. Haute Jets outfits its King Air 200s with luxurious leather seating, folding tables, and ample storage space.

With its balance of power, range, runway performance, and interior amenities, the King Air 200 is an incredibly capable private aircraft. It’s an ideal choice for efficient travel over long distances or across varied terrain. Haute Jets ensures you fly in style while enjoying the pinnacle of turboprop performance.

King Air 350 Upgrades

King Air 350 on the runway

Stretched Fuselage

The King Air 350 featured a stretched fuselage compared to previous models. This increased the cabin size, allowing for more passenger seating and luggage storage capacity. The longer cabin also provided a more comfortable environment for passengers on longer flights.

Improved Winglets

Winglets were added to the King Air 350, improving aerodynamic efficiency. These vertical extensions at the wingtips reduced drag and increased fuel efficiency. The winglets gave the King Air 350 a distinctive look while boosting range and performance.

Enhanced Avionics Suite

The avionics suite in the King Air 350 received significant upgrades over earlier models. This state-of-the-art glass cockpit featured advanced navigation and communication systems. Pilots benefited from improved situational awareness and easier operation.

Cabin Noise Reduction

Beechcraft engineers worked to reduce cabin noise levels in the King Air 350. Improved insulation and cabin design resulted in a quieter interior environment. This allowed for more productive meetings or simply more relaxed flying for passengers and crew.

Increased Useful Load

With its stretched fuselage, the King Air 350 could carry more payload compared to the King Air 300. This increased useful load translated to the ability to carry more passengers, cargo, or a greater fuel load for extended range missions. The versatility appealed to many charter operators.

Improved Interior in the King Air 350i

Quieter Cabin Environment

Beechcraft made significant improvements to the cabin noise levels in the King Air 350i model. They stated that the cabin sound was comparable to modern business jets – a remarkable achievement for a turboprop aircraft. This quieter environment enhances passenger comfort on longer flights.

Noise-reducing features include triple-pane windows, improved insulation materials, and redesigned engine inlets to minimize turbine noise transmission. The result is a cabin noise level of just 82 decibels during cruise – a substantial 10-12 decibel reduction compared to previous King Air models.

Upgraded Cabin Appointments

In addition to a quieter cabin, the King Air 350i offers an enhanced, more luxurious interior befitting a world-class business aircraft. Standard appointments include sculpted leather seats, wood veneer cabinetry, LED lighting, and plush carpeting.

Owners can further customize the cabin layout and finishes to suit their preferences. Optional cabin management and in-flight entertainment systems provide the latest in connectivity and convenience for business or leisure travel.

Increased Cabin Dimensions

The King Air 350i takes advantage of the stretched fuselage first introduced on the King Air 350. This provides over 30 additional inches of cabin length compared to previous models.

The flat floor design creates a spacious 5.5 foot cabin height, allowing most passengers to easily stand upright. Coupled with the lowered noise levels, the expanded cabin dimensions create an incredibly comfortable environment for working or relaxing aloft.

With its whisper-quiet cabin, premium appointments, and generous cabin proportions, the King Air 350i raises the bar for turboprop travel. Passengers can truly “arrive refreshed” after enjoying this jet-like experience at turboprop economics.

King Air 200 Specifications

Beech 200 Super King Air parked at Idaho Falls Regional Airport

Powerful Turboprop Engines

The King Air 200 series was powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop engines. Each engine produced 850 shaft horsepower, providing impressive performance capabilities. These powerful yet efficient turbines gave the King Air 200 a maximum cruise speed of 312 knots and a range of over 1,600 nautical miles.

Spacious Cabin Interior

With a cabin length of 21.3 feet, the King Air 200 offered ample space for up to 13 passengers in an executive configuration. The cabin’s flat floor design and 54-inch height provided stand-up room for most occupants. Large windows on both sides allowed for excellent visibility and natural lighting.

Rugged Capabilities

The King Air 200 boasted robust construction and systems ideal for all-weather operations. Its durable aluminum alloy airframe could withstand substantial stress loads. The aircraft’s de-icing and environmental control systems enabled safe flights in challenging icing conditions.

Versatile Mission Flexibility

While popular as a business aircraft, the King Air 200’s versatility enabled diverse roles. Its spacious cabin volume and rear cargo door made it suitable for cargo transport, air ambulance services, and other special missions. Military and government operators also utilized the King Air 200 for tasks like aerial surveying and maritime patrol.

With its powerful turboprop engines, comfortable cabin, rugged airframe, and operational flexibility, the King Air 200 established itself as a capable and reliable turboprop aircraft for business and utility missions alike. Its design influence extended to Beechcraft’s larger King Air 300 series successors.

Extremely Heavy Maximum Takeoff Weight

The King Air 300 series boasts an extremely heavy maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 15,000 pounds. This substantial weight capacity allows for greater payloads and fuel loads compared to smaller turboprop aircraft. It enables longer-range flights with more passengers and cargo on board.

Increased Range and Endurance

With the ability to carry more fuel, the King Air 300’s high MTOW translates into extended range and endurance for each flight. This versatility opens up new possibilities for cross-country or even international charter flights without the need for multiple fuel stops.

Charter clients can enjoy nonstop travel over greater distances, saving valuable time and increasing overall efficiency. Whether it’s a business trip across multiple states or a leisure journey to far-off destinations, the heavy MTOW ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flight experience.

Accommodating More Passengers and Cargo

The generous maximum takeoff weight also means the King Air 300 can comfortably accommodate more passengers and their luggage. This makes it an ideal choice for group charters, whether for corporate events, family vacations, or special occasions like weddings or anniversaries.

Additionally, the ample weight capacity allows for the transport of bulkier cargo or equipment that may be needed for specific missions or industries. From medical supplies to photography gear, the King Air 300 can handle a wide range of payloads with ease.

Versatility for Diverse Missions

With its robust MTOW, the King Air 300 series demonstrates remarkable versatility for various missions beyond passenger transport. It can be outfitted for specialized roles such as air ambulance services, surveillance operations, or cargo hauling.

This flexibility, combined with its powerful engines and spacious cabin, makes the King Air 300 an attractive choice for charter companies serving diverse clientele with unique requirements. Whether it’s a corporate executive, a medical team, or a specialized crew, the heavy MTOW ensures the aircraft can meet their specific needs efficiently and effectively.

King Air 350 flying over the hills

King Air FAQ

What Are the Top Features of the King Air 300?

The King Air 300 series offers several standout features that make it an excellent choice for private charter flights. Its powerful PT6A turboprop engines provide impressive performance and fuel efficiency. The stretched fuselage and added winglets on the King Air 350 model increase cabin space and aerodynamics.

Additionally, the King Air 350i boasts an incredibly quiet cabin comparable to larger business jets. This allows for a more comfortable and productive in-flight experience. Finally, the King Air 300’s maximum 12,500 lb takeoff weight enables it to carry significant payloads over long ranges.

How Spacious is the King Air’s Cabin?

Despite being a turboprop, the King Air 300 offers a surprisingly roomy cabin environment. Depending on the configuration, it can comfortably accommodate up to 9 passengers plus crew. The flat floor and 5+ foot cabin height allow for easy movement during flight.

The King Air 350 model features an additional 3 feet of cabin length over previous versions. This increases the total cabin volume by 25% for even more living space. With an interior designed for productivity and relaxation, the King Air delivers an exceptional private jet experience.

What are Some Key Performance Specs?

The King Air 300 series’ twin turbine engines generate over 2,000 shaft horsepower combined. This gives the aircraft impressive performance for its size. Some key specs include:

  • Max Cruise Speed: 312 ktas / 578 km/h
  • Max Range: 1,806 nm / 3,345 km
  • Service Ceiling: 35,000 ft
  • Rate of Climb: 3,435 ft/min

With this blend of speed, range, and high altitude capabilities, the King Air can get you virtually anywhere non-stop. Its hot-and-high performance also allows it to operate from shorter runways and higher elevations with ease.

Whether flying a corporate team across the country or an urgent medical flight, the versatile King Air delivers reliable transportation. Its impressive capabilities combined with cabin comfort make it an ideal choice for discerning private jet travelers.


As you can see, the Beechcraft King Air 300 series aircraft offer an attractive option for your next charter flight. With powerful and efficient engines, a stretched and improved cabin, and heavy maximum takeoff weight capacity, the King Air 300, 350, and 360 provide comfort, versatility, and capability that is hard to match.

The decades of refinement that Beechcraft has put into the King Air make it a mature and reliable aircraft ready to serve you on your upcoming charter trips. When it comes time to book your next private flight, be sure to consider the King Air 300 series as it could be the perfect aircraft for your needs. With comfort, capability, and a trusted history, the King Air 300 series might just become your new favorite charter aircraft.

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