Optimal Range and Comfort: Understanding the Super Midsize Jet Trend

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As an affluent jet-setter with a taste for luxury, you understand the appeal of private aviation. But the choice between light jets and heavy jets poses a dilemma. Light jets offer economy and agility but lack amenities and range. Heavy jets provide transoceanic range and first-class comforts but require airport infrastructure.

Enter the super midsize jet. Combining comfort, performance, and flexibility, this new category bridges the gap. With intercontinental range and a spacious, customizable cabin, super midsized jets optimize your private flying experience.

Discover why these nimble aircraft are meeting your selective standards and emerging as a top trend among high-net-worth travelers like yourself.

The Rise of Super Midsize Jets: Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Performance and Speed

Super midsize jets offer impressive performance for private travelers seeking speed and range. Models like the Bombardier Challenger 350 can reach speeds over 700 mph with a range up to 7,000 miles, allowing nonstop flights between far-flung global destinations.

Their powerful engines and aerodynamic designs provide a smooth, fast ride for busy executives and large families.

Spacious, Luxurious Cabins

Super midsize jets feature some of the most spacious and luxurious cabins, with double club seating, full galleys, entertainment systems and lavatories. The Challenger 350 can seat up to 10 passengers comfortably in an executive layout.

The Citation X boasts the largest cabin in its class, with seating for 12. These jets maximize passenger comfort for long flights with amenities like Wi-Fi, reclining seats and premium catering services.

Operational Flexibility

While large enough to travel long distances, super midsize jets can still operate from smaller regional airports, providing more routing options.

Their midsize frames allow them to land at airports with shorter runways, avoiding major hubs when possible. This flexibility offers more convenience for private travelers with access to over 5,000 airports around the U.S. and internationally.


Although more affordable to operate than heavy jets, super midsize jets still deliver a luxury experience. While heavy jets can cost $8,000 to $20,000 per hour to charter, super midsize jets typically range from $5,000 to $15,000 per hour.

For private owners and charter customers seeking a balance of performance, space and value, super midsize jets hit a sweet spot. Their combination of speed, range, comfort and lower costs compared to larger jets explains their increasing popularity among private aviation customers worldwide.

Citation Longitude: The Best Super Midsize Jet

The Citation Longitude is the pinnacle of comfort and performance in the super midsize class. With a range of 3,500 nautical miles, the Longitude offers intercontinental capability while still being highly efficient. Its stand-up cabin provides a bright, open space with seating for up to 12 passengers. For the discerning traveler, the Longitude is the clear choice.

Unparalleled Comfort and Design

The Longitude cabin features large windows, providing panoramic views and an abundance of natural light. Passengers can choose from multiple seating configurations, including an optional private stateroom. The galley is thoughtfully designed with high-end finishes and can be customized to suit any taste. The lavatory even includes a vanity and closet space.

Powerful Performance

Powered by two Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines, the Longitude has a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.82 and can climb directly to 45,000 feet.

Its state-of-the-art avionics suite includes a fully integrated autothrottle system for optimal efficiency and performance. The Longitude is designed to operate in and out of small airfields, opening up more destination options.

Superior Reliability

The Longitude is renowned for its dependability and low operating costs. Its maintenance costs are 35% less than other aircraft in its class. It has a dispatch reliability rate of over 99.8%, meaning you can rest assured you’ll arrive at your destination on time and without hassle.

The Longitude sets the standard for performance, comfort, and reliability in super midsize jets. For those seeking the ultimate private travel experience, the Citation Longitude is in a class by itself.

Challenger 350: Excellent Value for Longer-Range Travel

Spacious and Luxurious Cabin

The Challenger 350 aircraft features one of the largest cabins in its class, with 8.2 meters in length and 2.2 meters in width. It comfortably seats up to 10 passengers and provides ample storage space for baggage.

The aircraft’s flat floor and 2.1-meter tall cabin provide passengers easy access to seating and standing room. Sophisticated wood accents, leather seating, and customizable cabin layouts create an ultra-luxurious in-flight experience ideal for productivity or relaxation during long-range travel.

High Performance and Efficiency

Powered by two Honeywell HTF7350 engines, the Challenger 350 aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 0.80 Mach and a range of up to 3,200 nautical miles. Its high speed and long range enable intercontinental travel between global business hubs.

The aircraft is also designed for optimal efficiency, with the lowest direct operating costs in its class. Routine maintenance is required at extended intervals, and the aircraft has a dispatch reliability rate over 99.8%.

Advanced Avionics for Safe Long-Range Flight

The Challenger 350 cockpit is equipped with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite, featuring a synthetic vision system, enhanced vision system, and multi-scan weather radar.

These advanced systems provide pilots superior situational awareness and help them navigate challenging weather conditions or low visibility environments. The highly automated systems also reduce pilot workload, enabling safer and more efficient long-range flight operations.

Continuous Improvements for Longer Range

Bombardier continues to make improvements to the Challenger 350 aircraft to expand its capabilities. Recent upgrades increased the aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight and fuel capacity, extending its range to 5,926 km.

Future enhancements may provide even greater range and open more long-distance routes. With its optimal balance of performance, comfort, and value, the Challenger 350 aircraft is an excellent choice for private travel over transcontinental distances and beyond.

Typical Super Midsize Jet Performance and Range

High Cruising Speed and Range

Super midsize jets are designed to travel at high speeds over long distances. The majority of aircraft in this category can cruise at 460 to 530 knots, allowing for efficient point-to-point travel on routes as long as 3,500 to 4,500 nautical miles without refueling.

Certain high-performance models like the Cessna Citation X+ are capable of 528 knots, while the Gulfstream G280 has the farthest range at 3,646 nautical miles.

These capabilities enable quick transcontinental flights across North America as well as intercontinental travel between destinations like London and Dubai.

Spacious, Well-Appointed Cabins

In addition to high performance, super midsize jets are prized for their spacious and luxurious cabins. Most models offer stand-up cabins at least 6 feet high and 8 feet wide, with plush seating for 6 to 12 passengers.

Floorplans may include a forward galley and lavatory as well as an aft lavatory. Optional amenities like an espresso machine, surround sound system and fully reclining club seating provide an upscale experience.

The additional cabin space also allows for larger luggage compartments, typically holding at least 50 cubic feet of baggage.

Advanced Avionics and Safety

Super midsize jets leverage cutting-edge avionics and safety systems for a smooth, secure flight. Glass cockpits with touchscreen flight displays, autothrottles, and fly-by-wire controls reduce pilot workload and minimize errors.

Enhanced vision systems use infrared cameras to improve visibility in low light conditions. Traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS) detect and help avoid potential mid-air collisions with other aircraft.

These advanced capabilities allow super midsize jets to operate into a wide range of airports, including those with short runways, minimal ground infrastructure and challenging weather conditions.

With a combination of high performance, spacious cabins and advanced technology, super midsize jets offer an unparalleled private aviation experience for travelers and flight crews alike.

Whether for business or leisure, these aircraft provide an efficient and luxurious way to connect destinations across a continent or around the globe.

The Economic Choice for Longer-Range Travel

Dassault Falcon 50EX

Low Operating Costs

Super midsize jets provide an economical solution for private air travel over longer ranges compared to smaller aircraft classes. Their larger size allows for more passengers and cargo to be transported on a single flight, thereby reducing costs per person or unit.

Although acquisition and maintenance fees for these aircraft are higher than for smaller jets, their ability to serve more clients on one trip leads to improved cost efficiency.

Nonstop Connectivity

Super midsize jets have a range of up to 5,000 nautical miles, enabling direct flights over long distances without refueling stops. Their extended range allows travelers to fly nonstop between cities on opposite coasts of large countries or between some intercontinental destinations. Avoiding intermediate stops saves time for passengers and allows for uninterrupted productivity or rest onboard.

Amenities for Comfort

While super midsize jets provide an economical option for longer-range private air travel, they do not compromise on comfort. These aircraft typically feature amenities like an enclosed lavatory, galley, and club seating with ample legroom.

Cabin heights of up to 6 feet allow most passengers to stand and move freely about the cabin. Large baggage compartments can accommodate multiple pieces of luggage per person so travelers need not pack lightly. Modern avionics also permit use of personal electronic devices and high-speed data connectivity inflight.

Flexible Travel

Super midsize jets can access most private and regional airports, providing greater flexibility in choosing departure and arrival points close to your origin and destination. Their mid-size allows these aircraft to land and take off from runways 3,000 to 5,000 feet in length, enabling access to thousands more airports than commercial jets.

The ability to fly in and out of smaller airfields located conveniently close to city centers and points of interest saves ground transfer time and increases efficiency. Overall, super midsize jets deliver an ideal combination of long range, comfort, and flexibility for private air travel at a lower cost than larger private jets.

Super Midsize Jet Advantages Over Light and Heavy Jets

Superior Range and Speed

Super midsize jets offer an optimal combination of range and speed compared to light and heavy jets. With a maximum range of up to 6,200 kilometers, super midsize jets can complete transcontinental flights nonstop and access smaller regional airports that heavy jets cannot.

Additionally, super midsize jets are among the fastest private jets available, with select models like the Cessna Citation X capable of traveling at 700 miles per hour. This speed and range provides passengers flexibility and convenience for their travel needs.

Spacious and Luxurious Cabins

Super midsize jets feature some of the most spacious and luxurious cabins for their class. Models like the Bombardier Challenger 350, Falcon 2000LXS, and Gulfstream G280 offer wide cabins, large windows, and flat floors that provide ample space for up to nine passengers to relax and move about freely.

The cabins are also appointed with premium leather seats, lounges, worktables, and lavatories to maximize passenger comfort during flight. For long-haul trips, the spaciousness and luxury of super midsize jet cabins are ideal.

Advanced Amenities and Service

Super midsize jets provide passengers with advanced amenities and attentive service for an elevated inflight experience. Many super midsize jets offer the latest cabin management technology, including high-definition entertainment systems, global Wi-Fi connectivity, and touchscreen seat controls.

Passengers also benefit from the services of a dedicated flight attendant who can cater gourmet meals from an onboard galley. When combined with the speed, range, and comfort of super midsize jets, these amenities and services allow passengers to be highly productive or rest and relax on their journey.

Compared to light and heavy jets, super midsize jets offer an optimal solution for private air travel with their superior range and speed, spacious and luxurious cabins, and advanced amenities and service. For private charter or ownership, super midsize jets provide the performance, comfort, and convenience that the most discerning passengers seek in a private aircraft.

FAQ: What Is Considered a Super Midsize Jet?

Cabin Size and Passenger Capacity

Super midsize jets are medium to large private aircraft that typically seat eight to ten passengers. They provide spacious cabins with amenities like fully reclining seats, workstations, lavatories, and galleys. The additional space and seating allow super midsize jets to accommodate larger groups or provide more personal space for each passenger.

Range and Speed

Super midsize jets are designed for fast, long-range travel, with the ability to fly 3,400 to 3,600 nautical miles without refueling. Their cruising speeds average between 490 to 590 miles per hour, allowing for quick travel across countries or continents. The combination of range and speed makes super midsize jets ideal for busy executives and frequent fliers.

Comfort and Luxury

Super midsize jets emphasize comfort and luxury. They feature high-quality leather seating, available Wi-Fi connectivity, and various entertainment options. Many super midsize jets also have private suites, work areas, and galleys that can cater delicious meals. The spacious, well-appointed cabins provide a first-class travel experience for passengers.

Some of the most popular super midsize jet models are the Cessna Citation X, Bombardier Challenger 350, Cessna Citation Sovereign, and Cessna Citation Longitude. These models are renowned for their combination of range, speed, spaciousness and luxury amenities.

For demanding travelers, super midsize jets like these represent an optimal balance of productivity and comfort. In summary, super midsize jets fill a niche for those seeking more capability and luxury than a standard midsize jet can provide, without the expense of a heavy jet.

For the busy executive or frequent flier, a super midsize jet can be an ideal solution that maximizes both productivity and comfort.


Although private jet travel is associated with luxury, the super midsize category strikes an optimal balance. With cabin sizes between light and heavy jets, super mids offer more space at lower operating costs.

The cabin comforts passengers crave are available without being excessive. Ultimately, the super midsize jet occupies a sweet spot, which explains its popularity. When you seek a private flight with the ideal combination of space, amenities and value, the super midsize jet is the clear choice.

By selecting this emerging category for your next charter, you benefit from the latest innovations that make private aviation more accessible. The decision to fly super mid brings you the best of both worlds.

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