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The Insider’s Guide to Booking Empty Leg Flights

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As a frequent private flyer, you know that empty leg flights can provide unparalleled savings and convenience when booking private travel. With inside knowledge and savvy planning, these ferry flights become an accessible option.

This exclusive guide details everything you need to capitalize on empty legs – from understanding the market, to finding the best brokers, to timing your booking requests. You’ll learn insider tricks that make scoring discounted flights effortless and maximize your travel budget.

Whether chartering a jet for business or pleasure, this primer on empty legs transforms private aviation into an affordable reality. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of empty legs and unlock once-elusive deals.

What Are Empty Leg Private Jet Flights and How Do They Work?

Empty leg flights refer to private jets flying without passengers, typically to reposition themselves for passenger pick-up or after dropping off passengers at a destination.

As an astute traveler looking to save on private air travel, you can take advantage of these empty legs to secure luxury private jet service at a fraction of the standard charter rate.

Cost Savings

The major benefit of booking an empty leg flight is the potential cost savings. Operators will often discount these flights by up to 75% to fill the empty seats since the plane is flying regardless.

You can find fares for under $15,000 on aircraft that typically command $25,000 or more for a normal charter. Click link to see what is available on

Short Notice

The trade-off for the discount is shorter notice. Empty legs become available anywhere from a few days to a few hours before departure.

You’ll need to be flexible and ready to travel on short notice. Some providers allow you to set alerts for empty legs matching your desired itinerary so you can book quickly when one becomes available.

One-Way or Roundtrip

Empty legs are often one-way flights, so you may need to book a separate return flight. However, roundtrip empty legs and multi-leg journeys can also become available, allowing for significant savings on a full trip.

With some flexibility in your dates and destinations, you can find an empty leg option that matches your needs.

By understanding how empty leg flights work and being ready to book and travel with little notice, you can gain access to luxurious private jet service at a price that rivals commercial first-class fares.

For your next trip, keep an eye out for empty leg deals and take your travel experience to the next level.

Finding the Best Empty Leg Deals

To find the best empty leg deals, you need to know where to look and how to spot a bargain. Click link to see what is available on

Work with an Empty Leg Broker

Empty leg brokers have access to inventory that isn’t advertised on public websites. They can search thousands of daily flights to find empty legs that match your itinerary.

Brokers typically charge a flat fee or percentage of the deal, so you’ll still save compared to a standard charter. Click link to see what is available on

Consider One-Way Deals

One-way empty legs, where an aircraft is flying to pick up passengers in another city, often go for significantly less than roundtrips. If your schedule allows it, you may save by booking one-way empty legs back to back.

With persistence and flexibility, you can discover incredible deals on empty leg flights. Saving 50-75% off standard charter rates is not uncommon, making private jet travel more accessible and affordable. Keep searching and stay ready to book quickly when you find an empty leg that matches your needs.

Booking Empty Legs – Tips and Strategies

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Plan Ahead

As empty legs become available at short notice, planning ahead is key. Contact charter operators, private jet brokers, and jet card companies to express your interest in empty leg opportunities and provide details on your preferred routes and travel dates.

This allows them to match you with empty legs that meet your needs as soon as they become available. Some operators offer “empty leg alert” services to notify you of matches.

Be Flexible

Empty legs often have fixed departure and arrival times that cannot be changed. To increase your chances of finding a match, remain open to a range of travel dates around your desired time.

Consider departing a few days before or after your target date, or explore flying into an airport within an hour or two of your destination. The more flexible you can be, the more likely you are to find an empty leg that suits your needs.


As you can see, empty leg flights offer significant cost savings compared to traditional private jet charters. By taking advantage of empty legs, you gain access to the convenience and luxury of private air travel at a fraction of the price.

Keep your eyes open for empty leg opportunities that align with your travel plans and destinations. Sign up for alerts from private aviation brokers to receive notifications when empty legs become available. Approach booking empty legs with flexibility in your schedule and airports used.

With smart planning and a bit of luck, you can experience the perks of flying private without paying the typical premium. Use these insider tips to start maximizing savings on your upcoming flights.

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