The Versatile Citation XLS: A Closer Look at Cessna’s Top-Selling Private Jet

Cessena Citation XLS over the clouds

As you step aboard the Cessna Citation XLS, you quickly understand why this aircraft is one of the most popular and best-selling private jets worldwide. With a spacious cabin accommodating up to 8 passengers, the versatility and efficiency of a 1,989 NM range and 500 MPH top speed, and amenities for comfort like WiFi and club seating, the XLS hits the sweet spot between light jet economy and heavy jet luxury.

Since production began in 2004, Cessna has delivered over 300 of these capable and reliable jets. Both private owners and charter providers like Haute Jets favor the XLS for its balance of comfort, capability, and cost.

Read on to learn more about this standout midsize jet’s winning combination of attributes that make it a favorite of passengers and operators alike.

Introduction to Cessna’s Citation XLS Private Jet

The Citation XLS is a versatile midsize jet that combines comfort and range (1,989 NM) for aircraft in a similar class. Since 2004, Cessna has produced 328 examples of the aircraft until they stopped production in 2009. It is known for its speed and efficiency, and it can reach a cruising speed of almost 500 MPH and climb to a cruising altitude of 45,000 feet in just 25 minutes.

The aircraft is popular with private jet owners and Haute Jets as it offers the comfort and luxury of a midsize jet but with a light jet’s operational costs and runway performance.

Cabin comfort

The Citation XLS has a spacious stand-up cabin with seating for 8-9 passengers. It features a forward club seating area with pop-up tables, allowing passengers to conduct business in flight or simply relax. The jet also has full recline seats, WiFi, and Airshow, which provides flight information and entertainment. The aircraft’s large baggage area can hold up to 130 bags.

Impressive performance

The Citation XLS has a range of 1,989 NM and a maximum cruise speed of 483 knots. It can climb directly to 45,000 feet in just 25 minutes. The aircraft requires a takeoff field length of only 3,610 feet at maximum takeoff weight, allowing it to operate out of smaller regional airports.

The Citation XLS offers an excellent combination of cabin comfort, performance, and lower operating costs for a midsize jet. For private jet owners and charter operators, the aircraft presents fantastic value and versatility. It’s no wonder the Citation XLS has been one of the most popular and best-selling private jets for over 15 years.

Citation XLS Jet Offers Comfort and Range

The Cessna Citation XLS business jet is renowned for combining a spacious, luxurious cabin with an impressive range of 1,989 nautical miles. This versatile aircraft can comfortably accommodate eight to nine passengers and two crew members. The jet features a forward galley, an enclosed lavatory, and a spacious baggage compartment for loading luggage and equipment.

Spacious and Well-Equipped Cabin

The Citation XLS offers a variety of seating configurations to suit different needs. Its center club seating arrangement provides extra legroom and the option of a seventh seat. Pop-up worktables allow passengers to dine together or work during flight.

An entertainment system presents movies, music, and moving maps to enhance the in-flight experience. The jet is also equipped with power outlets, reading lights, and additional cabin lighting options.

Impressive Performance and Efficiency

The Citation XLS is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545B engines that enable it to reach speeds up to 441 knots and altitudes up to 45,000 feet. It can take off from runways as short as 3,610 feet and climb directly to 43,000 feet in just 23 minutes. Despite its power and performance, the Citation XLS remains an efficient aircraft with low operational costs compared to other jets in its class.

Worldwide Appeal

The Citation XLS is certified for single-pilot operation and approved for flights into known icing conditions, enabling it to serve destinations worldwide. Its impressive range, cabin comfort, and reliability have made it a popular choice for private jet owners and charter operators alike.

Over 300 Citation XLS aircraft have been delivered to customers across the globe since the jet entered service in 2004. For those seeking a high-performance aircraft with global reach, the Citation XLS is an appealing and proven choice.

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Citation XLS Jet’s Speed and Efficiency

The Citation XLS is renowned for its high speed and efficiency. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545A engines, the aircraft can reach a maximum cruise speed of 483 knots (556 mph) and has a range of 1,989 nautical miles (2,289 miles).

Thanks to its powerful engines and aerodynamic design, the Citation XLS climbs at a rapid rate, allowing it to reach its maximum operating altitude of 45,000 feet in just 25 minutes after takeoff. The Citation XLS’s impressive performance specs allow it to efficiently complete mid-range flights in a short time span.

For example, it can fly from Los Angeles to Chicago in just under 4 hours and New York to Miami in 2.5 hours. The aircraft’s speed and range, combined with its ability to operate out of small airports, make the Citation XLS an attractive option for private jet owners and charter operators conducting regional business travel in North America.

In addition to enabling fast flight times, the Citation XLS’s engines are designed to reduce fuel burn and lower operating costs. According to Conklin & de Decker, a leader in aviation research and consulting, the Citation XLS has a total variable cost of $1,464 per hour and fuel cost of $724 per hour.

These low operating costs, along with newer avionics and systems that require less frequent maintenance, help private jet owners and charter operators keep down expenses. With its swift cruising speed, extensive range, and cost-efficient operations, the Citation XLS offers an optimal combination of power and practicality for a midsize jet.

Its performance capabilities have made it a popular choice for private and charter aviation, allowing passengers to maximize productivity while traveling in comfort. Overall, the Citation XLS’s speed and efficiency are central to its widespread use and success in private aviation.

Citation XLS Cabin Comfort and Amenities

Cessena Citation XLS cabin seat

The Citation XLS is designed to provide a comfortable flight experience for up to nine passengers. The spacious cabin offers stand-up headroom, a fully enclosed lavatory, and seating options that include a club configuration with two pairs of facing seats and a three-place divan. For convenience, the club seats feature pop-up tables so passengers can work or dine together.

To meet entertainment needs during flight, the Citation XLS comes equipped with an Airshow moving map display, satellite radio, and cabin management system with touchscreen controls for lighting, temperature, and more.

For productivity, the cabin provides power outlets, a writing table, and optional Wi-Fi connectivity. The aircraft’s pressurization system provides a comfortable 6,000-foot cabin altitude, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

The Citation XLS’s combination of range, speed, and amenities has made it a popular choice for private aviation among corporations, charter operators, and private owners alike. Its spacious, well-appointed cabin and high-performance capabilities enable it to serve the needs of discerning travelers accustomed to luxury and efficiency.

For these reasons, the Citation XLS continues to be favored among private jet enthusiasts and remains an attractive, competitive option within the midsize jet market. The Citation XLS upholds Cessna’s reputation for building dependable aircraft that provide an exceptional private flight experience.

Since the aircraft’s introduction, Cessna has continuously improved the model to enhance passenger comfort, capability, and value. The Citation XLS’s proven versatility, efficiency and solid operational history explain why it is still sought after today. Overall, the aircraft’s optimal blend of performance, economy, and luxury has cemented its status as a leader in the midsize jet category.

Citation XLS Jet’s Operational Cost and Performance

Low Operating Costs

The Citation XLS is designed to minimize operational costs for private jet owners and charter operators. It can operate from small regional airports, needing only 4,000 feet of runway to take off at maximum weight. This ability provides access to more than 5,000 airports in the U.S. and Canada.

The aircraft requires minimal ground support equipment and has low fuel consumption relative to aircraft of comparable size, with an average fuel burn of 485 gallons per hour. These factors contribute to the jet’s popularity with charter companies and private owners seeking to maximize profits and minimize expenses.

Impressive Performance

In addition to its cost efficiency, the Citation XLS offers high performance for an aircraft in its class. It can climb directly to 45,000 feet in 25 minutes and achieve a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.82 (530 mph). The aircraft’s Honeywell TFE731-50R engines provide ample thrust, enabling the jet to take off at maximum weight from runways as short as 4,000 feet.

Its climbing and cruising speeds allow for flexible routing and the ability to avoid weather or congested airspace. The Citation XLS’s combination of low operating costs and high performance gives private owners and charter operators flexibility and value.

The aircraft fulfills the needs of discerning travelers seeking the luxury of a private jet with the economy of a light jet. For these reasons, the Citation XLS remains one of the most popular and sought-after private aircraft today.

Citation XLS Jet’s Popularity With Private Jet Owners

Cessena Citation XLS in blue sky

Cabin Comfort and Amenities

The Citation XLS offers a spacious cabin that can seat up to nine passengers comfortably in its double club configuration. It provides club seating with pop-up tables, allowing passengers more space and the ability to work or dine while in flight. The jet also offers additional amenities like Wi-Fi, satellite phones, and an Airshow moving map display to fulfill passengers’ connectivity and entertainment needs during the flight.

Operational Efficiency

The Citation XLS is prized by owners and operators for its operational efficiency. It can take off and land in short runways – as short as 3,580 feet. This ability provides access to more airports, especially those in remote locations.

Its twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545C engines are also known for their reliability and low maintenance. The aircraft has lower operational costs compared to other midsize jets in its class, with a direct operating cost of $2,638 per hour.


The Citation XLS offers the range and performance of a midsize jet but the operational efficiency of a light jet. This versatility allows it to serve well for a variety of flight missions, from short hops to transcontinental trips. Its combination of cabin comfort, amenities, efficiency and range is well suited for both private and charter use.

This versatility and ability to excel in multiple roles have contributed to the ongoing popularity and demand for the Citation XLS, both in the pre-owned and charter markets.

The Citation XLS’s popularity is a testament to Cessna’s ability to build an aircraft that suits the needs of owners and passengers alike. Its spacious and well-appointed cabin, operational efficiency, and versatility have allowed it to stand the test of time against competition. For those looking for a proven midsize jet, the Citation XLS continues to be an attractive option.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Citation XLS Private Jet

How much does it cost to operate the Citation XLS?

The Citation XLS is designed to have lower operating costs than other aircraft in its class. It can cost between $3,000 to $4,500 per flight hour to operate. The aircraft is very fuel efficient, burning around 500 pounds of fuel per hour. It also has lower maintenance costs due to its simple and robust design.

How far can the Citation XLS fly?

The Citation XLS has a maximum range of 1,989 nautical miles. It can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Honolulu or New York to Miami. The aircraft has a service ceiling of 45,000 feet and a cruising speed of 441 knots (508 mph). It is capable of flying above commercial air traffic, providing a smooth ride.

How many passengers can it seat?

The Citation XLS offers comfortable seating for 7 to 9 passengers. It has a stand-up cabin with a flat floor and 6 feet of headroom. The aircraft offers both forward-facing seats and club seating with tables that can be set up for business or dining. There is also a fully enclosed lavatory and coat closet. The spacious baggage compartment can hold up to 200 cubic feet of luggage.

What kind of avionics and amenities does it have?

The Citation XLS cockpit features advanced Collins Pro Line 21 avionics with full autopilot and auto throttle capabilities. The cabin offers amenities like Airshow moving map display, satellite phone, Wi-Fi, and an entertainment system with multiple options for music, movies and games.

Many aircraft also have a refreshment center and additional safety features like TCAS collision avoidance system. The Citation XLS remains an excellent choice for business professionals and private owners seeking an efficient yet high-performance private jet.

For additional details or to view aircraft for sale or charter, consult with a reputable private aviation firm. They can provide guidance on the full capabilities and acquisition process for this popular business jet.


The Citation XLS offers the versatility, efficiency, and luxury that make it one of the most sought-after aircraft for private aviation. Its popularity stems not just from its smooth ride and spacious cabin. This nimble jet also provides range, speed, and operational costs that beat many light jets.

If you want a private aircraft that can whisk you across the country in comfort and style, the Citation XLS is a top contender. Its winning combination of performance, efficiency, and luxury ensure it will remain a favorite of passengers and pilots alike for years to come.

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