What You Need to Know About Turbo Prop Planes

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Ever dreamed of flying private but thought a jet was out of reach? You’re not alone. For many first-timers chartering private jets, the sticker shock is real.

But here’s a little secret the jetsetters don’t want you to know – you can still fly private for a fraction of the cost by chartering a turbo prop plane. While it might not be as sexy as a Gulfstream, turbo props get you to your destination in comfort and style.

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about turbo prop aircraft – from seating and amenities to real world costs. We’ll also look at when a turbo prop makes sense over a jet and vice versa.

By the end, you’ll know whether these “Honda Civics of the sky” are right for your upcoming trip. Stick with us to learn if you can fake it ’til you make it in the world of private aviation – turboprop style.

What Are Turbo Prop Airplanes and How Do They Compare to Jets?

Turbo prop planes are propeller-driven aircraft that use jet engines to spin their propellers. Unlike regular prop planes, the propellers on turbo props are powered by jet turbines instead of piston engines.

This allows them to fly faster and higher than standard prop planes. However, turbo props are still slower than pure jet aircraft.

Speed and Altitude

Turbo prop planes typically cruise at around 300 to 500 miles per hour and can reach up to 35,000 feet in altitude.

While faster than prop planes, they are slower than most private jets which can hit over 600 miles per hour and ascend up to 51,000 feet.

The lower speed and altitude of turbo props mean longer travel times for longer flights.

Cost and Efficiency

The major benefit of turbo prop planes is their efficiency. They are more fuel efficient than jets due to their propeller-based design. This also makes them more affordable to operate and charter.

You’ll pay significantly less for a turbo prop charter than a comparable jet. Turbo props are a great option if you’re on a budget but still want the perks of private air travel.

Comfort and Amenities

In terms of amenities, turbo prop cabins are more basic than most private jets. They typically seat 6 to 9 passengers and offer less interior space.

The ride can also be bumpier in a turbo prop due to their propulsion system. However, for short-haul flights, turbo props provide a cozy and private experience that beats flying commercial any day.

Overall, while not as fast or luxurious as jets, turbo prop planes offer an affordable and efficient means of private air travel for those looking to save money without sacrificing too much speed or comfort.

For many routes and group sizes, they strike the perfect balance.

The Pros of Chartering a Turbo Prop for Your Next Private Jet Trip

Charter a turbo prop plane for your next private jet getaway, and you’ll enjoy several benefits.

Speed and Range

Turbo props can cruise at speeds of up to 350 miles per hour and have a range of around 1,500 miles, so you’ll get where you need to go quickly. These planes are perfect for short- to mid-range trips.

Cost Savings

Chartering a turbo prop is often more budget-friendly than a private jet. Fuel consumption is lower, and operating costs are less. You’ll save between 25 to 50 percent compared to a light jet charter.

Smooth Ride

Turbo prop planes offer a smooth, quiet ride. Modern aircraft have state-of-the-art soundproofing and vibration dampening, so you’ll enjoy a peaceful journey. Some people find turbo props even more comfortable than private jets.


Like private jets, turbo props offer flexibility and convenience. You can fly in and out of smaller regional airports that commercial planes don’t service. And you have more control over your schedule.

For many private charter trips, especially shorter journeys, a turbo prop strikes the perfect balance of affordability, comfort, and efficiency.

On your next getaway, experience the benefits of turbo prop plane charters for yourself. The savings and smooth ride will have you coming back for more.

The Cons to Consider When Choosing a Turbo Prop Over a Jet

While turbo prop planes offer some appealing benefits over private jets, there are also some downsides to consider before chartering one for your trip.

Less Comfortable Ride

Turbo props provide a bumpier, noisier ride compared to the smooth glide of a private jet. The propellers and turboprop engines can vibrate the cabin, and the noise from the props may make conversation difficult.

If you’re prone to air sickness or value a peaceful, luxurious flight experience, a turbo prop may not be for you.

Shorter Range

Turbo prop planes have a more limited range than most private jets, typically maxing out at around 1,500 miles. While perfect for short hops between smaller regional airports, they can’t make transcontinental or intercontinental flights like many mid-size to large cabin jets.

You’ll have to factor in refueling stops or connect through hub airports to reach farther destinations, which can add significant time to your travel.

Less Flexibility

With smaller cabins and payloads, turbo props offer less flexibility and customization. You’re limited to smaller travel groups, less baggage, and fewer amenities onboard.

Turbo props also typically fly at lower altitudes, so they are more impacted by weather conditions like turbulence, thunderstorms and icing. Your flight plan and schedule may need to be adjusted due to these factors.

While turbo props absolutely have their advantages for certain types of private travel, it’s important to weigh the potential downsides for your specific needs and priorities.

For many private fliers, the enhanced comfort, range, and flexibility of a private jet still reigns supreme despite the higher costs. But for short hops or budget-friendly charters, a turbo prop can get the job done.


So there you have it – the lowdown on turbo prop planes. Sure, they may not be as sleek or fast as a jet, but for many travelers, the lower cost and unique experience can make them an appealing option.

At the end of the day, deciding between a turbo prop and jet comes down to your budget, priorities and personal preferences.

But with the right research, you can find a turbo prop charter that checks all your boxes. Wherever your next adventure takes you, safe travels! And be sure to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

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