Save Big With Empty Leg Private Jet Charter Flights

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You can save thousands of dollars on your next private jet flight by booking an empty leg charter. These flights are an excellent budget-friendly option for flexible travelers looking to cut costs without sacrificing luxury and convenience. As you research your jet charter options, make sure to ask brokers specifically about empty legs on the route you need.

With huge savings of up to 75% off standard pricing, you may just find the perfect flight home after your business meeting or vacation. But you have to act fast, as empty legs are in high demand and availability changes frequently based on live bookings.

Read on to learn more about how to find and book empty leg charter flights, and start saving big on your next private jet experience.

What Are Empty Leg Flights?

Reduced Cost for One-Way Flights

Empty leg flights, also known as “dead head” flights, are private jets returning to their home base or repositioning for their next charter without any passengers on board. This creates an opportunity for savvy travelers to secure significantly reduced pricing – sometimes up to 75% off standard rates.

The logic is simple – the jet needs to fly regardless, so offering discounted empty leg seats helps offset costs like fuel, crew expenses, and airport fees for the operator. While not all carriers offer this option, it provides a win-win for both flexible flyers and the charter company.

Flexibility is Key

Taking advantage of these deals requires an open schedule, as empty legs are subject to changes or cancellations if the original booking is modified. Departure times could shift to accommodate the primary passenger’s preferences.

However, for one-way travelers willing to embrace that flexibility, the savings can be substantial. Some even piece together two empty legs to create a discounted round-trip itinerary, ideal for extended stays.

Not to Be Confused with One-Ways

It’s important not to confuse true empty leg pricing with advertised “one-way” rates from some companies. Those are often simply the round-trip cost divided in half, while empty legs represent deeply discounted fares based on offsetting supplementary costs alone.

A Changing Market

The availability of empty leg specials is constantly in flux based on existing bookings and newly created routes. To take advantage, work closely with a broker well-versed in locating these opportunities for your specific travel plans.

Eco-Friendly Private Aviation

Beyond cost savings, opting for empty legs also provides an eco-conscious way to reduce emissions from unnecessary solo flights. By filling previously empty planes, you help decrease the carbon footprint of private aviation.

Don’t Miss These Exclusive Deals

Whether a bargain hunter or just looking to splurge responsibly, exploring empty leg options allows you to experience luxury private travel at a fraction of the usual cost. Just be sure to inquire about current inventory and be ready to depart on short notice – these exclusive deals get scooped up quickly by those in the know.

How Empty Legs Help You Save Money

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What Are Empty Leg Flights?

Empty leg flights, also known as “dead head” or “ferry” flights, refer to private jets that need to reposition without any passengers on board. This could be after dropping off clients at their destination and returning to home base. Or needing to relocate for the next booked charter flight.

Since the aircraft is already scheduled to fly that route, savvy travelers can take advantage of these “empty legs” at deeply discounted rates. The savings come from offsetting the owner’s fixed costs like fuel, crew, and airport fees rather than flying an empty plane.

Flexibility is Key

The major trade-off for the significant cost savings is flexibility. Empty leg availability is constantly in flux based on other travelers’ bookings and schedules. Your flight could be canceled or rescheduled if the primary booking changes plans.

Those with rigid travel dates and times may find the unpredictability unacceptable. But for flexible travelers able to go with the flow, taking an empty leg flight can provide luxury air travel at a fraction of the usual cost.

How Much Can You Save?

The discounts on empty leg flights vary, but are frequently over 50% off standard charter pricing. In some cases, the savings can reach 75% or more versus booking a normal “live” flight.

For example, a typical private flight from New York to Miami could cost upwards of $25,000 for a mid-size jet. But an empty leg on the same route may be available for $10,000 or even less in some cases.

Who Benefits Most?

One-way private jet travelers with flexible schedules are the best candidates for empty legs. Some flyers even book two empty legs to create a discounted roundtrip itinerary when staying for an extended period.

Businesses and individuals prioritizing cost savings over convenience receive the most value from empty legs. Though for those able to be flexible, these flights offer unbeatable private air travel pricing while offsetting the environmental impact.

Finding Empty Leg Deals

Empty leg inventory and pricing fluctuates constantly based on real-time demand. Don’t be misled by “one-way pricing” claims from some providers – these are not the same as true empty leg discounts.

The best way to uncover current empty leg specials is consulting an experienced air charter broker. At Haute Jets, our team continuously monitors empty legs worldwide to pass along those savings to our clients. Contact us for a personalized quote on your next flight and inquire about any available empty legs on your route.

Finding the Best Empty Leg Deals

Understand Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights, also known as “deadhead” or “ferry” flights, refer to private jets flying without any passengers on board. These occur when a plane needs to reposition to another airport for its next charter flight or return to its home base after dropping off passengers.

Savvy travelers can capitalize on these empty legs by booking them at substantially discounted rates – often up to 75% off regular pricing. Since the flight is happening regardless, operators aim to recoup costs like fuel, crew, and airport fees rather than fly completely empty.

Identify Ideal Situations

Empty legs present a win-win opportunity when your travel plans align perfectly:

  • One-way trips with flexible schedules
  • Destinations matching an empty leg route
  • Ability to adjust timing if the original booked flight changes

While convenient for both parties, these deeply discounted fares come with inherent risks of changes or cancellations if the associated revenue charter is modified.

Leverage Trusted Brokers

The empty leg market constantly shifts as new routes open and customer demand evolves. Reputable charter brokers have the industry expertise and connections to locate and secure the best empty leg deals for your upcoming trips.

Don’t fall for “one-way pricing” gimmicks from other providers. Always ask your Haute Jets broker to check for available deadhead flights fitting your travel needs. Our team stays ahead of this rapidly changing landscape to deliver unbeatable savings without compromising safety or service.

Booking Your Empty Leg Charter Flight

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Know the Risks

Empty leg flights offer substantial savings, but come with inherent risks. The most important thing to understand is that your booked empty leg can be canceled if the primary passenger changes or cancels their flight plans. Your departure time may also shift to accommodate the primary passenger. Flexibility is key when booking an empty leg.

Find Reputable Providers

Not all private jet charter companies offer empty leg bookings. To take advantage of these discounted rates, you’ll need to find a reputable provider that specializes in filling empty planes. Haute Jets has an extensive network and can locate viable empty leg options for your route.

Compare Rates Carefully

Empty leg pricing varies significantly based on factors like aircraft size, dates, route and provider. Compare quotes thoroughly – the lowest price isn’t always the best value if the plane or schedule doesn’t meet your needs. An experienced Haute Jets broker can help evaluate your options.

Be Flexible on Timing

The nature of empty legs means departure times are dictated by the primary charter’s schedule. To maximize savings, you’ll need flexibility on times – often with short notice for changes. However, the cost savings of 50-75% make this worthwhile for many flyers.

Consider Piecing Legs

For longer trips, consider building your route from multiple empty leg flights. This takes flexibility, but can compound the savings over positioning an empty plane for a single leg. Your Haute Jets broker can expertly construct an empty leg route.

Ask About Perks

While empty leg rates are discounted, some providers extend additional perks to these flights. Premium catering, ground transportation or other amenities may be included to compensate for the less convenient schedule. Inquire about potential extras when booking.

With reasonable flexibility and the guidance of seasoned private jet professionals, savvy flyers can reap immense savings through empty leg charter bookings. Haute Jets excels at locating and vetting these opportunistic flights for our clients.

Understanding the Risks of Empty Legs

While booking an empty leg flight offers substantial cost savings, it’s crucial to understand the risks involved. These discounted flights come with a trade-off – reduced flexibility and potential disruptions.

Cancellation Risk

One significant risk is the possibility of your empty leg flight being canceled. This can happen if the passenger who booked the original “live” leg decides to cancel their flight. In such cases, the empty leg you booked will become unavailable, resulting in the cancellation of your trip.

Schedule Changes

Another potential issue is schedule changes. If the passenger on the live leg alters their departure time, it can trigger a domino effect, forcing you to adjust your travel plans accordingly. This lack of control over scheduling can be inconvenient, especially for those with inflexible schedules.

Limited Availability

Finding suitable empty leg flights can be challenging, as not all aircraft owners offer this option for on-demand charter passengers. The availability of these discounted flights is often limited, making it harder to locate ideal routes and timings.

Flexibility Required

To take advantage of empty leg pricing, you’ll need to have a flexible schedule. These flights are best suited for one-way travelers who can accommodate potential changes or cancellations without significant disruption to their plans.

Despite these risks, many savvy travelers are willing to accept the trade-offs for the substantial cost savings offered by empty leg flights. By understanding the potential drawbacks and being prepared for disruptions, you can make an informed decision about whether the discounted pricing is worth the potential inconvenience.

Remember, empty leg flights are not standard pricing. You’re sacrificing convenience for cost savings, sometimes up to 75% off the regular flight cost. If you have a flexible schedule and are open to adjustments, empty legs can be an excellent way to travel on a private jet while minimizing expenses.

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Empty Leg FAQs

What is an Empty Leg Flight?

An empty leg flight, also known as a “dead head” or “ferry” flight, refers to a private jet that needs to reposition without any passengers on board. This often occurs when a plane returns to its home base after dropping off clients or needs to fly to another airport for its next chartered trip.

Why Are Empty Legs Cheaper?

Since the aircraft is already scheduled to fly regardless, charter companies offer steep discounts on these empty legs to offset operational costs like fuel, crew expenses, and landing fees. Savvy travelers with flexibility can secure these one-way private flights for up to 75% less than standard pricing.

Who Benefits from Empty Legs?

  • One-way private jet travelers with open schedules
  • Those able to book last-minute
  • Frequent flyers looking to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Cost-conscious luxury travelers

Are There Downsides?

While the savings are substantial, empty leg bookings come with some trade-offs. Your flight may be rescheduled or canceled if the original client changes their plans. Flexibility is key, as you’ll need to work around the existing itinerary.

How Do I Book an Empty Leg?

Haute Jets maintains a comprehensive database of upcoming empty leg flights worldwide. Our expert brokers will present you with all available options that align with your preferred dates and routes. Get a free quote or give us a call today!


As you can see, empty legs present a unique opportunity for private jet flyers to save significantly on their travel costs. With flexibility, diligence, and some risk tolerance, huge discounts can be attained on one-way routes that would normally carry full round-trip pricing.

Just be sure to fully understand the dynamics of booking an empty leg, as your flight could be impacted by changes from the corresponding live leg passengers. Overall, empty legs allow private aviation to be accessible to more flyers through discounted flights that also reduce unnecessary fuel burn by filling seats that would otherwise fly empty.

Give empty legs strong consideration for your upcoming one-way trips to see if the discount outweighs the moderate risk and inconvenience that comes with these flights. You just might find the perfect option to jet away and save big at the same time.

Are you interested in finding an exact price for your upcoming trip? Input your trip details here to browse available private jet charter flights, or call +1 (888) 585-3095 for a custom itinerary and quote.